Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?
We're local to Chesterfield, Virginia! You can find us in-person at The Diamond in Richmond every Saturday from 10-3 with PopUpRVA. Starting August 1, we'll have a permanent location in Chesterfield Towne Center with other local vendors!

How long have you been doing this?
Read our story here. The short answer: Less than two years! But we've been hot sauce addicts for much, much longer.

What does M.F. stand for?
It depends on who you ask, but we tell the kids it means "My Favorite" ;)

I have an event coming up. Would you be interested in a vendor spot?
We're very interested! Visit our contact page to reach the right person. We're a small team right now and we can't make every event we hear about, but we always want to connect, even for future opportunities.

Do you ship?
View our products to order online and have them shipped to you!

How can I try the flavors first?
We offer free samples at any event we attend! See our schedule here and stop by permanent spot at Chesterfield Towne Center starting August 1.

Will you send me some free samples?
We get this one a lot, and as much as we'd love for everyone to try M.F. Willis Hot Sauce, we just can't send free samples to everyone who asks. We are interested in partnering with hot sauce reviewers in the future, but we need to get more established first.

Are all the sauces "burn your face off" hot?
When we say our sauces are hot, we're not joking. But there are enough hot sauce brands out there testing the limits of the scoville scale. We shoot for flavor AND heat, and none of our sauces have the spice levels artificially increased with extracts. M.F. Willis heat comes from the peppers and other natural ingredients. Our mild sauces are truly mild. There's a heat level for everyone! We injected Roasted Vegetable into our Thanksgiving turkey one year and our kids loved it.

Do you grow all the ingredients yourselves?
As many as we can! Especially the peppers. But Virginia weather isn't friendly to ingredients like pineapples or some of our citrus, and we don't have space for a greenhouse at this time. When we don't grow our own, our first stop is locally-sourced produce. (Psst! We're looking for local farms and growers to partner with ... Contact us!)

Are your products gluten free/vegan?
See our individual product pages for more information, but many of our sauces are dietary restriction friendly! Most are gluten free and vegan
FYI: Our now-discontinued Wasabi Ginger does have soy sauce in it that includes both soy and wheat!

Do you have X flavor in a lower/hotter heat level?
Don't be deterred when we say, "Sorry, we don't!" Contact us and let us know what you're looking for! We make our flavors for people to us and enjoy -- not as novelty items. And we take your feedback into account when we hit the test kitchen. So even if we don't have it now? That doesn't mean we won't eventually!

What happened to Peach and Wasabi? Wasn't there a Cranberry flavor?
Your feedback inspires us to add flavors ... but it also helps us rethink ones that aren't big sellers and make room for better flavors. Peach Habanero was too similar to our original flavor, Pineapple. Wasabi Ginger was ... polarizing ... with some of you being big fans and others vehemently opposed to it's existence. They've each been discontinued. But these may come back in limited edition batches, so make sure you're following us if you're a fan of either!

As for Cranberry? Cranberry was one of our first test kitchen experiments that you might see in some older photos. We let the festive holiday theme get away from us and so we tucked those bottles away and said, "Ok, let's not do that again."

Do you sell the 2oz bottles individually?
The "sample" size bottles are only available in the sample packs, though we're exploring some additional sample-pack style offerings! Stay tuned.

I have another question ...
Get in touch with us!